Dangerous police chase ends with crash – Wednesday 11/9/2022 MUST WATCH

Dangerous high speed Pursuit, including Carjacking, Home Invasion, Crash and ramming innocent vehicles including police cruisers.

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Insane Police Chase Wednesday 11-09-2022 in SoCal

The Suspect was arrested in the San Gabriel Valley after leading police from multiple agencies on a dangerous police chase in which he stole a van and a truck and hit several other cars on the road.

On a personal note, This was one of those pursuits in which I was very angry at the end because the suspect was just arrested. I was hoping he was actually Fatally injured due to shot fired by the police. This suspect literally didn’t care about anyone on the road weather they had kids in the car when he ran into several vehicles or when he ran into a house and stole their work truck or who he hurt or killed during this pursuit.

All I can say is thank God no one was seriously injured during this police chase in California.

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