Suspect jumps off bridge to evade capture

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1 thought on “Suspect jumps off bridge to evade capture”

  1. TULSA, Okla. – Police in Tulsa are releasing the dramatic body camera video of a pursuit suspect going off a bridge after a wreck in April.

    Investigators say it all started when they received a 911 call about a man pointing a gun. When Tulsa officers caught up to the alleged suspect, he took off and led them on a chase.

    During the chase, police tell KJRH that 23-year-old Damico Hunter crashed his car and tried to run away from officers. However, he ended up falling from a bridge at I-244 and Hwy 75,

    Hunter was rushed to the hospital with a skull fracture. Once he was released from the hospital, he was arrested on a handful of charges including shooting with intent to kill.

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