Pursuit august 16th 2021

Police Chase Monday 8/16/2021

3TV/CBS 5  broadcasted live on Facebook Monday Aug 16th of a
police chase in Phoenix 

Pinal County Sheriff officials say their deputies were able to use stop sticks on the SUV near Florence Boulevard, at milepost 195. The SUV kept going west on Interstate 10 and went onto State Route 143. The driver then got off the freeway at University Drive. That’s when sparks started coming from the front tire. The driver kept going, speeding and going the wrong way at times on Phoenix city streets.

They came to a stop in the area of 24th Street and Broadway Road. That’s when the three men bailed out of the SUV and ran off. They eventually went in three different directions. The driver, later identified as 33-year-old Orlando Felix-Lopez ran down an alley and jumped the fence into a homeowner’s backyard. He went through the yard and climbed over another fence to get back into the alley, all while Phoenix police used their helicopter to follow him.


Felix-Lopez went through a few more yards and appeared to be running out of energy. He eventually hid at a house but troopers eventually found him and put him in handcuffs. DPS hasn’t said what happened to the other two suspects. Felix-Lopez has been booked for unlawful flight from law enforcement and reckless drivingMore info can be found at fox11la.com 

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