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Police chase shots fired at police 3-3-23

Police Chase Friday 3-3-23

ABC7 in  LA broadcasted live on Facebook Friday  March 3rd 2023 of a car jacking suspect and shots fired at police.

The pursuit began Friday at around 2:23 p.m. in Chino where officers were responding to calls of a reckless driver.

According to the Chino Police Department, officers then began chasing the suspect, who later crashed into a vehicle but refused to stop.

The suspect, who has not been identified, then pulled into a Shell gas station at 1550 E. Ontario Street in Corona and carjacked a pickup truck as Corona PD officers arrived – which he spent the entire chase driving.

He sped through several freeways for more than an hour, at times driving the wrong way, and made his way through Orange County then back up north to Los Angeles.



The most shocking moment, however, was when he opened fire with an assault rifle. The exact model of the gun has not been released by authorities. AIR7 HD was over the scene the moment the suspect stopped on the 91 Freeway just before the 55 Freeway and pulled out the weapon and shot at officers. Officers then fired back.

Two other shootings unfolded throughout the chase, one of which left the suspect’s windshield riddled with bullet holes.

At one point, the suspect came to a sudden stop on Woodruff Avenue and Allington Street in the Lakewood area when a group of students who had just gotten out of school blocked him. This was near Mayfair middle and high schools.

“It’s amazing no other citizen or person on the roadway was injured,” said St. Jason Waldon with the Corona Police Department.

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