6-12-19 Carpool lane violation police chase.. carpool Violation????

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A driver who led authorities on a slow-speed pursuit through several highways was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after CHP vehicles boxed him in along the westbound 101 Freeway in Sherman Oaks.

The chase began about 12:50 p.m. along the westbound 210 Freeway at Santa Anita Street in Arcadia, according to the California Highway Patrol.The driver, who appeared to be an older man, was wanted for driving solo in the carpool lane, officials said.The driver made his way along the 134 and 101 freeways in the North Hollywood area before getting to Sherman Oaks, aerial video from Sky 5 showed.

About 1:15 p.m. the driver encountered some congestion along the highway, but managed to maneuver away and continued to elude authorities. At one point, a CHP cruiser was driving alongside of the pursuit suspect, and appeared to try to get him to pull over.

Moments later, officers managed to box the driver along the highway. The driver stayed in the SUV for some time before he was slowly led out by officers, aerial video from Sky5 showed.The man appeared to be confused before being taken into custody.Traffic was backed up in the area after the ordeal came to an end.

Description was taken from KTLA and their website in regards to  this police chase. Please click the link below to view any updated information regarding this chase or any other breaking news stories.

KTLA website Regarding carpool violation chase.


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